Many people find it extremely hard to recognise why they are attracted to an individual of the same sex or both sexes when it is perceived as ‘natural’ to be interested in the opposite sex.These feelings are extremely common and there are millions of people all over the world experiencing these emotions. It is normal for people to feel confused about their emotions and nervous about how others will react. Men in particular frequently feel quite isolated because of peer pressure that homosexuality is wrong. Homosexuality or being gay is not wrong, it is part of human sexuality, and individuals cannot choose their sexual orientation. One of the biggest steps is accepting yourself for who you are which can be very difficult for some people. Once you have accepted the circumstances and feel more comfortable about it, you may want to tell people about it so they are able to accept you too. This is known as ‘coming out’ and is usually the hardest part of being gay or a lesbian. When a person chooses to come out it will depend on when they feel it is the right time. Everyone is different and from different backgrounds, some people will be very accepting when a person chooses to ‘come out’ yet others may not. Many individuals who are gay, lesbian or bisexual find the experience very confusing and at times quite lonely.  It can help to talk about your situation, talking through your feelings without having to confide in someone you know.


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