Reiki Initiation Course (Energy Increase)

Price: £140 for a 2 days training Reiki 1st Degree, £265 Reiki 2nd Degree

Open up to the Universal Life Healing Energy and become a channel yourself. Learn the original hands-on healing Reiki Usui Shiki Ryoho in line with the authentic way from Japan. Raise your energy and consciousness on a 2-day Reiki Initiation course with Esoteric Knowledge. Become a certified practitioner and pass Reiki onto other living beings including people, animals, plants and Mother Earth to keep up with the incoming high 5th dimensional Energy on Earth.

Reiki Initiation is a two-day program. Each day class is around 6 hrs. Over the course of 2 days you will receive 4 Initiations and Esoteric Knowledge that can raise your energy and consciousness and help you understand your life experience. Through all initiations, you become in each level a certified Reiki Practitioner able to start your professional practice.

There is an opportunity for Reiki practitioners to join this programme if you’re looking to progress in your Reiki practice in my line in the future. If you were initiated correctly in the past, which we will be able to confirm through channelling, then the Esoteric Knowledge would be the reason to join, to raise your awareness and understanding of your life experience. A 50% discount is offered to the students who do not need to repeat their initiations.

We are always guided to the type of Reiki, as there are many types of it now – over the last 100 years people modified the original way Master Mikao Usui handed over. As a result some people haven’t received a full Initiation, because of this they couldn’t receive nor pass on the Reiki Energy for 100%. The Reiki we give is from Ryoho, the original Reiki and there are many others on the planet who also perform the original Reiki method of Master Mikao Usui in the correct way.

Reiki can be incorporated into your life if you’re a parent, and the ordinary day-to-day and work life – you can read about the research and examples here. Anyone can come to the Reiki Initiation courseto become a channel for Reiki, become in each level a certified practitioner, and to start your own professional practice. We also have Reiki Development opportunities for existing Reiki practitioners, you can read more here.

For all those who wish to meet the teacher and experience free 5min of Reiki before you sign up for this course, we can make an appointment, at no cost.

To reserve your place on the Reiki 1 Initiation, we need the payment 10 days before the Reiki Initiation at the latest, or an agreed payment plan.

Katarzyna Jablonska is an initiated Essenian Master (Non-Teaching), Reiki Master Teaching and the Energetic Leader of the Pleiadian Healing Circle UK.

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