Psychosexual Therapy

Sexual problems are very common. They may be longstanding or related to more recent events, which have caused stress, confusion or unhappiness.  Talking to a therapist can be the first step in changing your life.

Most of us experience sexual problems at some point in our lives and it may be a problem you have had for a long time and tried to ignore, or worried about secretly.  There are some sexual problems that are physical in nature, either through disability, illness or the side effects of medication.

Sexual problems can also be psychological, often the result of a sexual trauma or negative childhood messages regarding sex, which can then impact in our sexual relationships with our partner.

Sexual problems include erectile difficulties, arousal disorders, sexual phobias, loss or lack of desire, premature ejaculation and inability to orgasm or difficulty achieving orgasm, pain, dyspareunia and vaginismus.
The number of sessions required, can vary, depending upon the symptoms raised.


See our therapist Annabel Ashley.