Neal’s Yard Facial Massage

537073_442411685867529_1535177949_nMassage has been used for centuries by people of all cultures to aid healing. Facial Massage is a relaxing treatment that promotes well-being through the stimulation of the face. Skin is the largest organ in the body and absorbs much of what is put on it, into the bloodstream. For this reason, nothing harmful is used, just pure plant based well-being enhancements. The products used are Neal’s Yard Remedies Organic skincare, to complement the natural power of touch and improve the complexion.

What are the benefits of a Facial?

  • Reduces puffiness,
  • Boosts circulation and cell regeneration, improving skin condition,
  • Increased skin and muscle tone,
  • Relaxes your whole being, on a physical, mental and emotional level,
  • Relaxation for facial and eye muscles,
  • Relieves tension headaches, drains away your worries,
  • Improved sleep,

20696_714110912030937_761922753005519744_nWhy should I have this treatment?

If you would like to improve your complexion.


See our therapist Jackie Chinniah BSc (Hons), A.Dip CT. MAR