Menopause workshop coming soon!!

But I’m Only 40!

**Workshop coming soon**

We are delighted to welcome Michelle Webb and Emma Kennedy who will be coming to the clinic to talk about The Menopause.

It’s a subject that is often shrouded in mystery but it’s going to happen to all women and the good news is, there is no need to be kept in the dark.

Michelle and Emma will discuss symptoms including increased anxiety, sleep problems, weight gain, headaches, palpitations, decreased sex drive, joint pain and many more….

These are just some of the signs that can commonly begin around the age of 38 and beyond and in some cases can last up to 10 years – this period is often referred to as the Perimenopause.

The key to minimising symptoms and improving your quality of life is knowledge. The right information from the right people. Michelle is a fitness coach and Emma is a registered nutritional therapist and they will cut through the noise and tell you what you need to know….

Watch this space – workshop coming soon! 😊

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