Katarzyna Jablonska, Essenian Master (Teaching Level 1), Reiki Master Teaching, Energetic Leader of the Pleiadian Healing Circle UK

Katarzyna has been involved in the Holistic Healing field since she felt the inner calling to explore the energy work. She left her job in the NHS, and she qualified in over 12 different energy healing techniques, to settle down for the ones that innerly felt right for her and let her use her unique gift of a very strong Power of the Mind, she was born with. Katarzyna trained and certified in France, at the Academy of the 13 Essenian Arts of Healing, with the founder – highly clear-knowing spiritual teacher Lisa Lux. Katarzyna’s difficult personal and working life experiences have provided the insight and understanding of our human life experience – the karma each of us has chosen before being born on earth again – to bring back into balance, what we have damaged in other lives through our wrong choices. Under the guidance and teachings of Lisa, she has learned to communicate energetically with her Essenian Guide, dedicated her life to become a pure and conscious channel, and she consciously started her karma purification process by becoming a 5th Dimensional Essenian Master and supporting others on their healing path, providing them with the tools and mechanisms to cope with change and move forward in life consciously.

Following her training and Essenian Master Initiation, it has been an important part of Katarzyna’s work to set up the first Pleiadian Healing Circle in UK.

Alongside her practice, Katarzyna offers free talks about Essenian Healings and Pleiadian Healings with an opportunity to experience free 5min of the authentic pure Reiki, for groups and individuals.

If you’re interested in Reiki, you can read about Reiki before, during and after pregnancy, how you can incorporate Reiki into your daily life, and how to learn Reiki – because everyone can learn it. Katarzyna offers Reiki Initiations with Esoteric Knowledge, which raises your energy and consciousness, and can help you understand the reasons to your life experience (karma).

Essenian Healings are old techniques dating back eons, now put back on Earth, revolving around the Stones and Power of the Mind, suitable for a large diversity of discomforts.But with the Essenian Healings, which work on a higher karmic level, the healer needs to check first through energetic communication with their Essenian Guide, if it is possible for you to receive them at this moment in time.

Essenian Healing Journeys are metaphysical healing methods that are meant to clear out the unhealthy physical and psychological patterns that are stuck in the body cells (DNA) and make us ill. They are effective against all sorts of fears and problems that do not have an obvious cause, but a deeper background. The holy Essenian Healing Methods are not a religion, they come from the highest Energy Source, Mother/Father God, which we are all part of.

Pleiadian Healings are the high Energetic Healings, now put back on Earth, for a broad range of different ailments and problems. Location of the Pleiadian Healing Circle: New Mills, Derbyshire, UK. Training & Healings are free of charge for the members of the Circle.

Reiki Treatments or Initiation Course (Energy Increase) Treatment in line with the authentic way from Japan, works very well against stress, fatigue, insomnia and more. Through all Initiations, you become in each level a certified Reiki practitioner.

Essenian Healings Workshop Level 1 – Learn the holy knowledge of the Essenes which are 5th Dimensional Arts of Healing: the three Essenian Level 1 Healings, the power of the stones and the special Essenian method of purifying and tuning them up, the power of love and the power of our thoughts. Upon 2 days-completion you will receive the diploma and title of Essenian Assistant Healer and a set of 17 stones for the healings, already purified and tuned up by an Essenian Master. You will now be able to perform these healings for other people and if you have Reiki 2 you can also perform them on yourself. If you would like to learn the Essenian Healings, Katarzyna offers Essenian Workshop Level 1, please get in touch with her for more information or visit her website.

Fees: £42.00 to £112.00 Essenian Healings Level 1, 2 and Master Healings, Pleiadian Healings (free for the members of the circle), £140 Reiki Initiation first degree and £265 second degree, £42 Reiki Treatment.