Foot Reading

Foot ReadingWhat is Foot Reading?
The shape and structure of your feet relates to your personality, your strengths, and your core being. Your feet mirror your wellbeing and can uncover subconcious messages from the body about how you’re feeling about different areas of your life. Just think about the way different moods affect how you walk. Picture a happy person almost skipping along, and then a sad person, slowly dragging their feet. Over time this can show up and the texture of your feet relates to your current emotional state and issues. Which kinds of shoes do you feel most comfortable in and which give you blisters? Sometimes our choice of shoe is purely the image we want to reflect, but if we are not being true to ourselves we can experience pain and discomfort. Although feet can be read through Reflexology treatment, this Foot Reading concentrates on the emotions and your personality rather than the physical aspects of what your feet are telling you.

Foot Reading is not…
Foot Reading is not fortune telling, or anything to do with being psychic. It is not magical powers. Foot Reading cannot tell you about any structural or physical problems with your feet and is not used to diagnose medicial conditions. If you have any concerns about your foot health please see our Chiropodist/Podiatrist– Clare Wood B.Sc. (Hons) M.Sc. MChS (HCPC Reg) – or see your own GP.