Coming soon to The Alternative Health Clinic

Visit the Alternative Health Clinic in New Mills on 8th August either at 12-2pm or at 5-7pm.

One of our therapists Katarzyna Jablonska, Essenian Master (Teaching Level 1), Reiki Master (Teaching) and the Leader of the first Pleiadian Healing Circle in the UK, will give a talk about the 5th Dimensional Energy Healing Techniques – Essenian Healings, Essenian Healing Journeys, Pleiadian Healings and Reiki Initiation Courses. She will explain the current energy transformation on Earth from the 3rd to the 5th dimensional Energy and how it is affecting our daily lives, health and our karma purification.

Katarzyna will offer free 5min Reiki sessions to anyone who would like to experience Reiki. Those who would like to learn Essenian Healings Level 1, come for a Reiki Initiation with Esoteric Knowledge course, or take their Reiki practice to the next level, will have the opportunity to talk about it and ask questions. The dates and locations of all courses are listed on Katarzyna’s website:

This is a child friendly event, as Reiki is only positive energy, also before, during and after pregnancy.

If you are an animal lover, and you would like to find out how you can support your pets energetically, you can join us on 8th August!

You can find this event on Facebook:

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