Children & young people’s counselling



“When a child sits down with their counsellor and begins to talk about their feelings
 and problems, it can be the start of something that can change their life.”  BACP website 
 Life can be difficult at times for children and young people, older children can feel stressed from exams, hormone changes, relationships, sexuality, gender, even peer group pressures at school.
All children of all ages can feel anxious from situations in their life, like bullying, family problems, trauma, bereavement, even relocating to a new home or school.
Social media can also cause problems with body image issues and self-confidence.  When social, emotional and psychological issues are not addressed, they can continue in to adulthood.
If you are a parent/guardian and concerned about your child, I am an experienced children and young people’s counsellor, who can help your child feel at ease and help them to talk about their issues.  Allowing them to develop their own solutions to explore the best way forward for them and their family.
I use a multidisciplinary approach within the context of their life and support them in an age-appropriate way, planning how best to help the child or young person, as well as their family.

See our Therapist  Annabel Ashley; MBACP, MNCH